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YaconMany people are now looking at Yacon as a great way to lose weight and become overall healthy.  Whether it is in the form of organic yacon syrup or molasses format. Having a healthy body is all what every person out there is looking for.

A healthy body is a prerequisite to a better lifestyle. However, attaining the body of your choice at times is a bit difficult. Many people find it hard to keep up with the exercise as well as the diet that is recommended for them. However, studies show that for a healthy lifestyle one has to ensure consistent exercising and better diet.

A number of people find it hard to exercise consistently. This may be due to tight work schedule or even family commitments. Therefore, it begs a question; will they really achieve their health goals? Perhaps they will not get the body they want is they do not subscribe to through exercise. However, a change of diet will go a long way. Why don’t you include Yacon in your daily diet?

What is Yacon?

YaconPerhaps you are wondering what Yacon is. It is a type of plant that is similar to sunflower. It is grown in most parts of South America. Yacon at times is referred to as the Peruvian ground apple. Yacon is juicy and can produce edible tubers. Due to the fact that it is juicy and has edible tubers, most people like calling it the “watery root”. Most people especially those living in Andes find a food source in Yacon.

Benefits of Yacon

The Peruvian ground apple offers a number of benefits to your body. Outlined below are just but a few of the health benefits of using Yacon to the human body.

Yacon Molasses

Organic Yacon SyrupAs mentioned above, Yacon produces juice as well as edible tubers. As such it can be used to produce Yacon molasses. It is made from the roots of Yacon which have a very sweet taste. Besides, research has shown that the roots of Yacon plant are rich in Fructooligosaccharide, (the FOS). The FOS acts a pre-biotic in promoting the skinny bacteria’ to function.

As such it is important that you start using the Yacon molasses as this will charge your body metabolism.

Yacon For Blood Sugar Management

Managing the level of sugar in the body has been a difficult thing for most people. However, this changed with the introduction of Yacon Syrup. The Yacon syrup is made from the roots of Yacon plant.

The syrup helps in lowering the amount of sugar within your blood. A study (April 2009 issue of “Clinical Nutrition.”) shows that Yacon syrup can be used in the management of blood sugar.

Yacon is rich in sugar like molecules, which are referred to as Fructooligosaccharide. The FOS comes from inulin, a carbohydrate which is not digestible. The carbohydrate is responsible for half the amount of sweetness that one gets from sugar. However, it works in such a way that it does not raise your blood sugar level.

In addition the organic Yacon syrup can be used by people who want to lose some weight. It will suppress your appetite ensuring that you lower your cravings for foods which may make you gain weight.

Cancer Prevention

Yacon - Have You Heard?Yacon plant exhibits potential anticancer benefits. The compounds of Yacon can be used to prevent the growth as well as the reproduction of cancerous cells. As well, Yacon has a capability of promoting early death of such cells. As such, Yacon can be used in the prevention of cancer and other malignant diseases.

Liver Health

Many nutritionist and healthcare providers recommend the use of Yacon in combination with silymarin. The Silymarin acts a very important aspect in milk thistle. Combining the two, silymarin and Yacon, helps to improve the levels of sugar in the body as well as the amount of cholesterol. Weight loss is a matter of reducing that amount has calories eaten while burning a relative amount of the same. Yacon as such helps to manage cholesterol amounts in your body making sure that you have a manageable body weight.

Research has shown that Yacon when taken in combination with silymarin for a period of three months can prevent accumulation of fats within your liver. This promotes healthy functioning of the heart and the liver.

Dietary Uses Including Weight Loss

Yacon Weight LossYacon roots can be used in major dietary uses. For instance, it can be used the manufacture of organic Yacon syrup which nourishes the body. Fresh Yacon tastes sweet with and has a very a crunchy texture. Most people in South America make use of the Yacon as a tuber, a fruit or even use it in fruit salads. The Yacon leaves are used as vegetable either by stir-frying, roasting or even baking. The leaves have high contents inulin. As such they can be use to wrap a number of other foods in the same way cabbages and grape leaves are used.

From the foregoing it is clear to point out that achieving your health goals involves so much than just exercise and diet. Choosing the right exercise routine and diet is all what body fitness is all about. It is for this reason that the Yacon molasses is a must have. It is advisable that you use Yacon syrup regularly for it to work effectively.

Yacon Lose WeightA 2 teaspoon dose is recommended either with every meal or even before. Healthcare providers also recommend the use of the Yacon syrup in place of sugar in beverages. For people with diabetes or for vegans, the Yacon syrup will help to reduce the level of sugar in their blood system.

The presence of Fructooligosaccharide makes it best in the production of specific gastrointestinal peptides which are important in regulating the amount of food that one takes. As such, one is able to work on their body weight quite well.

Therefore, next time you think about body fitness, slot in a dose of Yacon. You can use it as a as a tuber, a fruit or even use it in fruit salads. All of these contain the FOS which is very essential in your body. Yacon will keep your body healthy and your weight  manageable. Get your bottle of organic yacon syrup today!

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